4 Reasons Why Smart Homes are the Future

With consumer products available since the late 90s, smart homes are hardly a new concept. Yet with increasingly more affordable, reliable and varied smart appliances on the market, the Internet of Things has brought home automation to the mainstream.

With a little tech savviness, smartphones and smart hubs can be connected to nearly anything in your house, and it’s getting more intuitive to automate and monitor household tasks. Home security, heating, lighting, power, kitchen, cleaning and household appliances can all be controlled remotely, with a touch of a button or a simple voice command.

Smart homes
are here to stay,
so let’s look at
what they can do
for us :




Technology is giving us more performant and affordable options to keep our homes and communities safe. The peace of mind afforded by these smart security systems can help many worry less about theft, accidents and natural disasters.

Smart doorbells with integrated high resolution cameras, motion sensors, facial recognition and two-way talk can alert you, and let you converse remotely with anyone at your door.

Smart deadbolts can lock doors and windows remotely, alert you to attempted instructions, and automatically lock/unlock doors based on your location.

Smoke detector can now not only wake you up, but also tell you where the fire is, sync with your smart lighting to guide you out of the house, and help alert emergencies.



All this smart tech can seem like a big upfront investment, but it may end up saving money in the long run. Wouldn’t it be nice to maintain perfect room/water temperature, air flow, water pressure and lighting without having to micromanage your thermostat and power usage.

Smart thermostats, heat pumps, underfloor heating and other heating solutions can all be monitored with advanced sensors to keep various rooms at just the right temperature.

Motion sensors and geofencing can sync to dynamically adjust lighting and heating conditions based on your family’s location.

Along with smart water heaters and power points, you can monitor in detail the power usage of everything in your house, and remotely or automatically disable unnecessary appliances.



Beyond the comfort and luxury of smart homes, they also offer increased assistance and autonomy to people with disabilities, reduced mobility or other factors often associated with aging.

Voice commands make it easy and intuitive for even less tech savy individuals to interact with various smart devices and systems.

Many domestic tasks can be automated, rather than depend on the availability or affordability of an aide.

Smart motion sensors and passive infrared sensors can be set up to monitor the health of an inhabitant and alert family or local health services in case of an accident.

Smart technologies can help users keep track of their daily schedule, and remind them of important tasks.

Integrated entertainment and communication applications make it easier for those with reduced mobility to stay in touch and engaged with their friends and community.

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